cuescience LiveCam

Technical specifications

Cuescience LiveCam

Maximum resolution

1920x1080 pixel

Framerate30 Frames per second
RequirementsBroadband internet with a transmission rate of at least 4.000 kbit/sec
Camera size 27 x 72 x 112 mm
Attachment1/4" female screw, compatible with any common tripod
Video compressionH264 for instantaneous streaming
Playback formatHLS or Flash/RTMP, to watch the stream on any PC, Mac, Android / iOS Smartphone
RecordingFlash video (flv) format


Cuescience LiveCam

Quality - Made in Germany

Each cuescience LiveCam is unique and handmade in Germany. The sturdy casing consists of nine high-precision lasered wooden layers and provides an ideal protection for the single-board computer and the camera module.