Scoreboard – Manual


Points can be awarded differently by choosing one of two modes. In order to switch modes swipe across the circles.

Screenshot Punktevergabe nach Ball

Scoring every ball

With this mode you can score every ball potted. In addition to that you also have the opportunity to create statistics of your game.

Punktevergabe nach Break

Scoring the break

With this mode you score your points after your break. Please note that statistics are not available scoring this way.

Control keys

Screenshot der Tasten
Richtungstasten Mistakes can be corrected by using the direction keys with which you can navigate through all past actions. Any adjustments will affect both score and statistics.
Button NeuNEW determines the end of a frame with the leading player being awarded the frame.
In order to clear the entire match press and hold NEW for three seconds.
Button HomeBy pressing the HOME button you get the the app overview with the scoring app and setting app.

Optional, you can use the statistics buttons (by choosing the mode "scoring every ball") as following:

Button F When a player commits a foul press Button F and award the points to his opponent. In the event of a miss situation press Button F again without switching the player.
Button LWhen a player goes for a long pot press Button L + the ball potted. For a missed long pot press Button L + switch players.
Button SWhen a player plays safe press Button S and switch players. If the opponent fails to pot a ball the very next shot it counts as a success.

Remote control


Changing settings

In order to change settings (e.g. players names or WiFi) press the Home button (Button Home) and choose settings. Players names will be shown on the scoreboard as well as in the live score online.

Live score

To set up the live score the scoreboard needs to be connected to the internet via Wifi. Press the Home button (Button Home) and choose settings, then choose your Wifi.

Now the live score
 can be seen online at your sub domain (e.g.


Your statistics can be found on your statistic site