cuescience LiveCam

Live streaming has never been easier.


Broadcast your snooker event live and let your fans participate in your games. Thanks to our innovative software the camera only has to be connected with power and internet (via LAN cable) and the live stream is immediately online. No laptop or special software is required.

Further information can be found at the front page.

cuescience Scoreboard

The scoreboard of the next generation.

Smart scoring

The innovative cuescince Scoreboard comes with a 10 inch touchscreen which makes its operation very easy. Alternatively, a remote control can be used, ideal for referees at tournaments.

The score can be transferred in real time to the internet.

Points can be awarded differently by choosing one of two modes: scoring after the break (picture 1) or scoring after every ball potted (picture 2).

Technical specifications

DisplayIPS 10 point multitouch display
Display size / resolution / Auflösung25.7 cm (10.1") / 1280x800 pixel
Board size 203,5 x 272 x 210 mm
LiveScoreRealtime transmission due to WebSocket technology
Interne accessWLAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
PlatformAndroid™ 4.1 (Jelly Bean), extendable platform with own App Store
Remote controlAvailable incl. IR module (no charging opportunity while scoring with remote control)


Scoreboard (event) Scoreboard (year)
Subdomain with
live score
yes yes
Smart Cover yes yes
Scoreboard 35,- 200,-
Scoreboard with remote contol 45,- 275,-