Live streaming has never been easier.

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Cuescience provides the entire infrastructure for your live stream: camera, server, service. The only requirement is an internet connection at the event.


After connecting the camera with power and internet (via LAN cable) the live stream is immediately online. No laptop or special software is required.

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Due to innovative technologies the live stream is available to almost every web-enabled device.

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The cuescience LiveCam comes with a standard female screw and is thereby compatible with any common tripod.

cuescience LiveCam

The cuescience LiveCam consists of a single-board computer and an HD-capable camera module and is protected by a sturdy wooden casing. The camera runs with a software that enables the live pictures to be sent on the internet immediately (to the subdomain of the customer). The camera only has to be connected with a LAN cable. Due to its quick and easy installation, which can be executed by the customer himself, this live streaming solution is unique on the market.

Cuescience LiveCam


Versatile applications.

Regardless of whether you intend to stream a conference, a lecture or a concert, the cuescience LiveCam provides the opportunity to reach a wider audience. An example of how your live stream could look like can be found on the left. (Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband LV Sachsen, speaker: Ralf Leimkühler - SSG)

Deutscher Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband LV Sachsen, Speaker: Ralf Leimkühler - SSG


Standard (event) Standard (year) Corporate
Target group Registered societies, private Registered societies, private Companies, organisations,
institutions, conferences
Camera yes yes yes
Subdomain yes yes yes
Tripod yes yes yes
LAN cable yes yes yes
Viewers Max. 100 concurrently Max. 100 concurrently No restrictions
Branding Logo in the corner of the stream Logo in the corner of the stream No branding
Quality Max. 400 kbit/s Max. 400 kbit/s No restrictions
Recording Upon request Upon request No restrictions
Support Email support Email support Email and phone support
Embedding yes yes yes
Statistics Basic Basic Advanced
Multi picture no no yes
Private stream no no yes
Usage own server no no Upon request
per day
per year
Individual offer

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