Common questions

How to install the camera?

The installation of the cuescience LiveCam could not be easier: connect the camera with a LAN and power cable and the live stream is immediately online. This can be done by the customer himself.

Where can I see the live stream?

The live stream can be seen at the customer's personal subdomain, with an initial delay of only 1 second. The following site presents an example of how such a subdomain looks like:

Do I need my own website?

No. With your order of a cuescience LiveCam we set up your own personal subdomain. Nevertheless, every live stream can be embedded in your website as well.

How can I attach the camera?

The cuescience LiveCam comes with a standard female screw and is thereby compatible with any common tripod. Upon request, we send you a small flexible tripod with the camera.

Do I have to pay additional streaming costs?

No. Irrespectively of whether you chose our standard or corporate offer, streaming costs are already priced in.

Can I book additional services to the standard offer (e.g. better streaming quality)?

Yes. We will send you our prices for additional services upon request.

Still open questions? Email us!